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Bohle Premium Ice was built brand new in 2013 by Rob Vearing and Jennifer Jolly.
Bohle Premium Ice have been supplying local business and the general public with cube and block ice for better than 6 years now!

We employ local staff and buy what we can from local businesses. Thats just how we roll!

Man Holding an Ice Bag — Bohle Premium Ice in Bohle, QLD
What makes Bohle Premium Ice a premium product? It all begins with water that is triple filtered for optimal purity, clarity and taste. Once frozen, the ice drops into our storage hopper, where gravity feeds it into our bagging machinery. Our ice is therefore never touched by human hands, and is produced and packaged using a modern, automatic process.

As our business has grown we have forged friendships with other businesses in North Queensland.
Mackay based business 'Blue River Ice' have unselfishly given us a huge amount of assistance and guaranteed us ice supply, should we be caught short for any reason. It’s nice to have good friends in business up here!