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Bohle Premium Ice is available at our facility adjacent to the Townsville Marine Centre, Townsville Coast Guard site and a number of area retail stores. 24/7 sales are cash only. The factory site offers a full range of 5, 10 and 16kg products. The Coast Guard site offers 10kg bags and 5kg blocks. Please bring cash.

We supply the following ice products:

- Great for camping, fishing, etc - A slow freeze ice that we allow 4 days to fully freeze through.
5kg blocks - 10kg blocks or big 16kg blocks available. This is the longest lasting ice available.

- Lasts longer than tube ice as it has more mass but will sometimes clump as flat surfaces can easily fuse together. Sold in heavy micron bags so you can be a bit rough busting it up without it going everywhere.This is our biggest selling product in the 10kg bags.

TUBE ICE - Hospitality grade, manufactured to HACCP certification, a loose in the bag premium Ice. You will know good quality tube ice when it's not just a bag of snow, try the Black Label Ice.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is block ice and why do people need it?
Blocks of ice are larger than cubes and have a number of handy uses. Blocks of ice are perfect for catering needs or as a portable refrigeration system when camping.
What is tube ice?
How do I make sure my ice is clean?
What is a mobile freezer room?
What is HACCP certification?
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