Ice Delivery in Townsville
Townsville based Ice company

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Ice Delivery in Townsville


100% North Queensland Owned & Operated


Bohle Premium Ice manufacture and distribute ice and have been for the last 6 years.

Cube, tube & block ice are available 24/7 from our self serve freezer at the Bohle factory
5kg bags and 10kg bags of cube ice and 5kgs blocks, 10kg blocks, 16kg blocks are available.

Ice is also available 24/7 from the coastguard boat ramp on Sir Leslie Thiess drive Townsville.
We donate to this worthwhile organisation.
10kg bags and 5kg block ice are available, you need correct change.

Bohle Premium Ice deliver to local businesses and supply to functions, parties and events.
We can supply mobile freezer rooms for hire if required. We also have other refrigerated cabinets and freezers available to new customers who wish to retail our ice.
Deliveries are within the Townsville area daily, to Magnetic Island weekly, or as required. Our ice is triple filtered and taste free! Give a small business a go, we spend our money locally!

Bag Full of Ice — Bohle Premium Ice in Bohle, QLD
Ice Cubes
Come get your classic cube ice. Bohle Premium Ice manufactures 5kg and 10kg bags of fresh filtered cube ice for all purposes.
Pack of Ice
Our tube ice is HACCP certified and comes in 5kg bags. In the hospitality industry, you won’t do better than our crisp, clean 7/8” tubes.
Ice Blocks
Our slow freeze block ice comes in 5kg, 10kg and 16kg bags.
24 Hours
Access our factory freezer any time. Cash only. Also available at Townsville Coast Guard site, where a portion of your purchase supports the Coast Guard.